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The sailing yacht Grand Soleil 58 is produced by the brand Grand Soleil since 2016. Grand Soleil 58 is a 17.50 meters sport cruiser with 3 guest cabins and the draft of 2.90 meters. The yacht with fiberglass / grp hull has CE certification class (A) and can go in open ocean. 

The GS 48 Performance

The GS 48 combines comfort, quality and performance thanks to avant-garde and first-class technologies: the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for the hull and the attachments and the FEM structural analysis for all the structures guarantee a fast, light and rigid boat. Interiors and the deck design bear the signature of Nauta Design and Cantiere del Pardo Design Team.


The "Race" version

In the “Race” version, thanks to the fully equipped and well-positioned deck, competing has never been so exciting. The interiors follow the same philosophy: it is possible to disassemble various parts. Doing so, the boat becomes lighter and the sails can occupy many wide spaces without damaging the furniture.

GS48 Race.jpeg

A true performance yacht

A truly beautiful yacht that is highly versatile in terms of how it can be tailored to the desires of the owner. The fact there are 3 different keel options, 3 different sail plans, and even 3 different cockpit layouts available should give you a taste of the customization available, before we even discuss the interior layout or hull materials.

No matter the options chosen, we are certain any owner would be proud to helm this boat, not just from the sense and feel as she performs under their command, but also because of the admiring glances from the dock, and the knowledge of the level of comfort that awaits them below deck.

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