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Moorings in Hei Ling Chau

Find moorings available for sale or rent in Hong Kong. No waiting list. No hassle.

Why Hei Ling Chau?

Hei ling Chau is the only typhoon shelter in Hong Kong which can accommodate PVs up to 75m in length, and has the capacity to accommodate up to 600 yachts. It has been underused due to its inaccessibility and lack of infrastructure, which Delta Marina is addressing to utilize and optimize the space, given the demand for berths / moorings in Hong Kong.

Moorings available now 

Apply for a Delta Marina mooring

Delta Marina offer is a dedicated tide-neutral (6-meter draft) anchorage for permanent Fore and Aft moorings of Cat 4 pleasure vessels, including wide beam multihulls and larger superyachts, with your name on the lease.

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