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Delphin Traveler 40

Delphin Traveler 40

EUR€ 135,000

Delphin Enterprise






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Introducing the Delphin Traveler 40, a state-of-the-art liveaboard yacht, now available at an extraordinary price of €135,000. This incredible offer is a rare find in the market, especially considering that the vessel is brand-new and ready for shipping in 2024. Built in the Netherlands by the renowned Delphin Enterprise, this yacht promises unparalleled quality and a unique seafaring experience.

Picture yourself living the dream aboard your very own floating home. Starting the day with a coffee on your outdoor terrace, taking a refreshing swim under the midday sun, and concluding the day basking in the harbour's evening ambience as the sun sets. With the Delphin Traveler 40, you have the liberty to decide your destination, offering a novel adventure and a delightful alternative to traditional accommodations. This yacht is spacious, comfortably accommodating 4-6 people with a maximum crew capacity of 10, making it perfect for families, friend groups, or even solo travellers.

The Delphin Traveler 40 is not only attractive for its mobility but also for its remarkable features. With dimensions of 11.90m x 3.00m for the houseboat and 9.50m x 3.00m for the house, it provides ample living space. The hull floats are 100% styrodur filled, covered with elastomer for superior durability. The monolith roof and walls ensure no leakage, while the external steel construction is galvanized for long-lasting resilience. The yacht comes with a large waste tank of 2600 litres and a water tank of 400 litres. Inside, the walls are customizable, allowing for two bedrooms or a bedroom and a sauna. The modern design, coupled with an estimated life expectancy of 50 years for the hull, walls, and roof, ensure that this yacht is a long-term investment.

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32, Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club, 1 Castle Peak Road, Hong Kong



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