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Image de Ali Maah
Unforgettable Yacht Moments
Charter in the Maldives

With friends or family, sail from atoll to atoll in Robinson mode, for an unusual discovery of the archipelago.

Choose the duration of your private cruise and we will suggest the best itinerary according to the season and the activities you have chosen.
Snorkeling around the reefs full of fish to observe the exceptional marine life: turtles, manta rays, whale sharks...
Scuba diving with our guide to discover the most beautiful sites in the best conditions or to learn how to dive. Between the protected coral reefs where you can admire the mantas, and the multitude of passes that attract schools of fish and sharks, it is difficult to get bored.

Sytske Kimman - AYS CEO 

"Snorkeling, diving, surfing, deserted islands and lagoons with turquoise waters.

During your private cruise you will enjoy the emblematic pleasures of the Maldives: swimming in clear water, white sand beaches, deserted islands and turquoise lagoons.
Not to mention fishing, the "national sport" to be practiced with the sailors who will take you to their playgrounds..."
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Book your charter in 3 easy steps


Send an enquiry

Search for your ideal Charter by destination, moments and type of Yacht. Obviously we also need to get a feeling of your budget and amount of people.  Then you just have to ask for your free estimate.


Receive Charter details

You will be contacted to fine tune your requirement before receiving a detailed proposal within 24 hours, from one of our specialists. 


Get on board!

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