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Unforgettable Yacht Moments

Enjoy tailor made ‘Moments’ on waters aboard our specially chosen yachts, crewed by passionate professionals. Our mission is to deliver your best moments.

Chater in Australia

Australia fuels the curiosity of many a traveler seeking adventures and discoveries.  Over 30.000 km of beautiful coastline; famous hotspots like the Great barrier reef, the 74 islands called Whitsundays, Hamilton Island, Sydney or Brisbane’s Gold Coast. 


The Kimberleys on the NW coast  of Australia is a new charter spot:  fly to Broom and step on board to admire the ancient landscapes and cultures not yet touched by development! There are horizonal waterfalls and one of the world’s largest tidal movements as well as  aboriginal civilizations. Combine charter with an Inlandtrip  to meet with kangaroos, wallabies, marsupials, koalas, quokkas or wombats. 

Sydney harbor and Pittwater make for  a great charter destination;  all the best of wine and dine culture within reach, but so differently experienced from the water. Due to climates and ecosystems, variety is the key in Australia.

Best  time to go is in the dry seaon: between May-September. 


  • Hamilton Race week is the absolute best for a race charter

  • Charter in Sydney around Christmas and New Year to experience the start of the Sydney- Hobart race and the spectacular new year fire works in it’s iconic harbour.

  • There is nothing like fishing in Australia; challenge yourself to catch your main dish for the day: from barramundi to the Murray Cod, Australia has a massive range fish.

Charter in the Fiji

Fiji consists of 332 tropical islands of which only 110 are inhabited. A yacht charter in Fiji offers you an opportunity to meet islands rich in authenticity and provide interesting and solitude dive sites for all levels. Your charter usually starts at the marina in Denaran, close to Nadi airport. The Lau group of islands seems to be most off the beaten track and offers beautiful hikes as well as dives. Please don’t forget to pay tribute to the respective village chiefs before you engage in any water or land activity: present kava roots and ensure you don’t wear sunglasses, a hat or revealing clothing. This way you get treated as a honored visitor.


    • Beautiful Fraser Bay; marvel at the variety of fish and turtles in the marine park. There may be fire dancing at oneo the boutique resorts

    • Dive with Bull sharks in Bequ

    • South Makutu is paradise for surfers, you can have the break all to yourself most times

    • Explore the Sawa-I-Lau caves

Charter the Salomon Islands

Sparsely populated and remote, the volcanic and lush Solomon Islands , east of Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific offer an unprecedented variety of pristine beaches and rich marine life due to converging ocean currents. Polynesian and Micronesian peoples scattered over more than 900 islands divided into 9 autonomous regions, each with their specific history and culture. 78% of the islands are covered by forests..however, logging -still- is a huge source of income.  For the best charter itinerary, Moments recommend at least a 7-day trip ot to miss highlights such as diving off Giza island, discovering the Morova lagoon.. the longest lagoon in the world.

When the airline weighs you as well as your luggage you know you are flying somewhere remote. Honiara, the capital can be reached via Brisbane and Sydney, Fiji and Vanuatu. Solomon islands are only seeing 7000 visitors per year, but the islands are gaining in popularity by charterers, adventure seekers, nature lovers, divers and kiters. Solomon islands have not always been so removed from the rest of the world witnessing the numerous US and Japanese aircraft and warships WW II wrecks that litter the seabed.

When to go? All year round the temperature is app. 27 degrees and humid. June to August is cooler and excellent for kitesurfing. November to April usually has more rainfall due to the prevailing NW winds and is best for surfing. For the best charter itinerary we recommend at least a 7 day trip ot to miss highlights such as diving off Giza island, discovering the Morova lagoon.. the longest lagoon in the world

Charter catered to your needs

Enjoy tailor made ‘Moments’ aboard our specially chosen yachts, crewed by passionate professionals.

Our mission is to deliver your best moments: Watersports, Romantic Gateway, Family & Friends, Hike and Dive...

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