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Unforgettable Yacht Moments

Enjoy tailor made ‘Moments’ on Hong Kong waters aboard our specially chosen yachts, crewed by passionate professionals. Our mission is to deliver your best moments.


Hong Kong has some impressive wildlife and ecology. Some of the best aquatic and wildlife is protected in marine parks and nature reserves, where you will be able to see the rugged, remote, and untamed side of Hong Kong. Based on your interest we can invite experts to explain the rich diversity of wildlife in the various parts of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is known for its incredibly diverse aquatic life and equally stunning wildlife. It has a lot of organic farms where you can see farm animals and spend time feeding and cuddling baby goats. The zoological and botanical park in Hong Kong is home to some exotic animal species like the buff- heeked gibbon, Bornean orangutan, and even flamingos.

Victoria Harbor and Lantau islands are just a few of the places where you can spend time in nature’s lap.


  • Near Lantau’s southern tip Spot the rare and elusive pink dolphins.

  • Hoi Ha Wan has experts to introduce you to the underwater and shores side of Hong Kong.

  • Visit the wetland park if you are a wildlife enthusiast.


At sunset, the sound of wind and water create the perfect setting for romantic moments. Whether you want to propose, seal an engagement, or celebrate a new milestone in your relationship, a yacht offers the ideal setting for it.

It can be an evening out with dinner on land or it can be a full-day event or even a 2 day trip with an overnight to experience remote island anchoring and candlelight dinner. You simply have to brief us on the ideal program and we will make it happen.


  • Enjoy stargazing with your partner on deck while listening to music and sharing a glass of wine​​

  • You can enjoy water sports together away from the crowds​

  • Enjoy a stroll on land, experience local restaurants and get back on board to be away from the crowd again

Water Sports

Hong Kong waters are ideal for all forms of water sports; from adrenaline-raising wingfoiling to wakeboarding, water skiing, paddleboarding, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing, diving and foiling.   Step aboard one of our crewed yachts  and use the yacht as your platform to try your favorite water sport. Or  join us for a race clinic  or  even  learn how to master a yacht yourself.  We are open to brainstorm with you how to get the best out of your charter.


  • Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is home to many species of fish and corals and is one of the best HKG locations for snorkeling​

  • Nighttime kayaking or fishing shows you the beauty of Hong Kong in moonlight

Sailing Masterclass

Mastering  a yacht is an art as you need to know the limitations of yourself, your  yacht, the crew and the  elements. 

How to manage all these things simultaneously?  Wind, waves, tides, traffic at sea and a different crew? How best to reach our planned destination? Get familiar with and learn how to master a yacht from the grassroots to feeling confident as a captain . Moments can help you along this interesting journey and can support you by building up your mileage for any RYA degree.

Knowing how to read the weather , learn  the basics of sailing, charting your course, and even doing small repairs are things that will give you the confidence to sail anywhere. 


  • Learn the basics of sailing and maintenance.

  • Learn to interact with crew.

  • Learn all about safety on board.

  • Learn international marine traffic rules and regulations.

  • Learn to manage the elements and chart your course accordingly.

Charter catered to your needs

Enjoy tailor made ‘Moments’ aboard our specially chosen yachts, crewed by passionate professionals.

Our mission is to deliver your best moments: Watersports, Romantic Gateway, Family & Friends, Hike and Dive...

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