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Your dream to learn to sail is close to becoming reality.
AYS has everything you need to sail confidently and safely and you can start right now. 


AYS provides an integrated coaching schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection.

Our coaching combines hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching - take a look at our offerings and enquire now. 

Sail training

AYS specializes in creating unique yachting adventures.

It offers a series of courses that will take a complete beginner through the steps necessary to become a competent sailor.

Each course is tailor made on your needs or request. 


Race coaching

AYS sailboat race coaching are both competitive and fun!

Rob can improve your racing ability whether you are an adventurous club racer through to feisty international racer. 

About the coach, Rob Partridge

Rob Partridge (young British sailor) has been sailing from a young age in the UK and internationally. His background has been predominantly in sailing the 29er, 49er, 470 then windsurfing. 

Since moving to Hong Kong in October 2013, Rob has coaching the youth racing team. Rob started to compete internationally in the Moth class (2014) against other aspiring Olympians and America Cup athletes. 

Rob has also had great opportunities to be  involved in other  exhilarating races whilst working full time in sailing. He has taken part in races like the Extreme Sailing  Series (in China),  GC32, Alpha Series and the Flying Phantom.

Rob has a passion for being out on the water. He has sailed in various boats and is undergoing RYA Yachtmaster™ to further develop his skills.

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