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Selling a yacht requires specific skills in a niche market with a very small potential clientele spread all over the world. For the sale of your boat to be successful, a central agent is essential. AYS offers you  their expertise  through its yacht brokerage services: "This has beenour business for over 25 years".

We help you define the optimal price according to objective criteria (length, year, number of cabins, type of hull, brand) and the market. Then we implement a personalised marketing strategy using all the necessary communication tools. 

Our objectives

- To quickly develop an interest in your yacht.

- To build a strong marketing programme to our client base as well as to international brokers and clients.

- To ensure that the negotiations go professionnally and  smoothly.

- To accompany and support the administrative stages of the sale

Yacht Brokers
Yacht Prices

Our commitments

- Professional diligence in the representation/promotion of your yacht.

- Trust and stability with our current and future clients.

- Marketing visibility through various promotional activities.

- Follow-up of the relationship with the crew, to guarantee the quality of the visits, sea trials, and expertises and sometimes even delivery to another port

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