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J/Boats 99

The J/99 (32.6') does it all - combining great sailing performance and stability with belowdecks comfort in a boat that can be sailed by just one or two people
Class winner of the two up 2022 Sydney Hobart race.



Fulfilling one's sailing dreams starts with finding a sailboat that fits you - whether you aspire to sail near home, to distant shores, or around a race course. Performance differences between sailboats are greater than those between skis, tennis rackets or cars. Discover the J difference!

The story of J/Boats started in 1977 with the  J/24  one design, a class that swiftly became the most popular (over 5,400 boats) recreational offshore keelboat in the world. While other manufacturers may sell more boats, J Boats time after time have won the high-end, performance-oriented segment of the market, boats that perform well on the race course but which are comfortable and easy enough for the family to daysail and cruise. 

Take the innovative J/99. This next generation 32.6' speedster combines headroom and a modest interior with the tiller-driven response of a sportboats. The J/99 has already garnered awards from British Yachting Awards, SAIL's Best Boats and SAILING WORLD's Boat-of-the-Year. Learn about J/99 here.

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