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Sportboat Thrills With Stability

Sailing can be the world's best family sport. The key is a boat that holds the attention and interest of many types of sailors, young and old. J/80 does it all, with thrilling 15 knot rides under spinnaker or relaxed sunset cruises with mainsail only. SAILING WORLD rated J/80 as easier to handle, less intimidating, safer and better suited for sailing offshore than other modern sportboats tested. If you would like to expand your sailing horizons with a modern sportboat outside protected harbors and lakes, there's only one choice: the J/80.

Numbers highlight the reason: 

Thanks to its 1,400 lb. fixed lead keel (48% ballast ratio) J/80 has big-boat feel and requires less experienced crew. The boom is high for safety and good visibility. No one has to clamber over a cabin top because everyone sits in the 12 ft. long cockpit.

Be sailing in 3 minutes. Take off the boom cover and hoist the mainsail, and cast off. You're now sailing faster than other boats with full canvas. Ready for more speed? Uncleat the furler line and pull in the jib sheet. Presto, now you're really flying. Time for the afterburners? Pull the sprit launch control line, hoist the asymmetric spinnaker and trim. Now you're planing!


Easy to Trailer, Launch & Own

The J/80 features a single-point lifting bar which allows easy hoisting on a small (3 ton) hoist.  Loaded onto a double-axle trailer, the J/80 is within the legal towing width for most countries, and can be pulled long distances behind an 8 cylinder SUV or van. With the help of a portable gin pole, two people can hoist and rig the J/80 mast.


International Class Association

J/80s are now sailing in 30 fleets in 12 countries, with large fleets existing in North America, Europe and China. The J/80 Class holds annual World, European, Asian and North American Championships in the most famous sailing venues. The J/80 has been used actively in match racing as well; including the BMW Berlin Match Race in Berlin, Germany; the World Match Race Sailing Association event in Le Havre, France ; and the China Cup Match Race in Xiamen, China. If you're looking for a great class to get involved in, look no further than the International J/80.


Go to the International J/80 Class website for more info.

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