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Corsair 760

Corsair 760
The Corsair 760 offers a incredibly versatile platform that can be  folded away and transported by trailer to your favourite destination, but unfolds to provide space, speed and stability when sailing.


Fast, Fun & Foldable

With a 30 year rich tradition as global leader in high quality multihull manufacturing, Corsair Marine have launched over 2,800 Corsairs. These folding trimarans deliver ease of use without sacrificing on effortless fast and safe  performance. Take the helm of a Corsair trimaran, pull in the sheet and a lasting smile will develop on your face. Corsairs are fun!


The all new Corsair 880 takes the pedigree of the Hall of Fame anointed F27 (1986) to new heights and combines fast offshore performance with creature comforts including aircon if you wish!

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