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J/99 & J/121 Sweep KAZI Top Yachts- Sport Awards

(Tokyo, Japan)- Recently, Japan's best sailing publication- KAZI- had an opportunity to run tests on well over a dozen new models from across the range of sailing, from cruising, to daysailers to sport yachts. In the end, the J/99 won KAZI's Top Yachts- Sport Category, with its sistership J/121 taking second in the same category! A clean sweep for J/Boats latest offshore sailing yacht designs!

KAZI's editor/ reviewer- Kazuhiro Nishimura- led a test team of four expert offshore sailors evaluating the strengths & weaknesses of every boat and assigning a points rating to well over a dozen features/ attributes for each boat. In the final analysis, the boats with the most points scored highest. J/99 and J/121 swept the podium... not bad! Here are Kazuhiro's comments on the J/99:

"We are introducing this month the offshore racer/cruiser with a total length of 9.94m released by J/Boats in France in 2019. Immediately after the announcement in 2019, the J/99's high reputation was heard in Japan. I was able to test drive the J/99 #99, which was the second boat in Japan.

In order for any sailboat to be selected as an Olympic boat type, it was an important condition that the boat type is widely used all over the world.

Therefore, each builder had been competing to bring to the market their best high-performance model for doublehanded sailing. Important factors were boat design, structure, and price competitiveness at a high level.

Eventually, at the expense of political bargaining between factions within World Sailing, the organization that governs the world's sailing competition, the open-sea doublehanded event was not adopted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a new event for the Paris Olympics 2024. It's gone, but those excellent 30-33 ft models continue to exist and grow in various parts of the world.

Among the models in the range, one of the models that was fiercely competing for the top spot until the end, is the J/99 introduced by J/Composites in France.

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