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J/Boats announces new HK dealer!

It is with great pleasure that the management of Asia Yacht Services Ltd announces its exclusive cooperation in Hong Kong with J/Boats, one of the best known sailboat brands on the planet. J/Boats are very popular in Hong Kong with a thriving J/80 fleet, a growing J/70 fleet and a large number of different J/Boats participating in Club racing events often with good success (e.g Red Eye J145, Juice J99, Juggerknot J111, Whiskey Jack J109, Jinn J122e…)

J/Boats Rod and Bob Johnstone gave the sailing fraternity the legendary J/24 in 1977. The speedy 24ft sailboat became the most popular recreational offshore keelboat in the world with more than 5500 boats cruising the waves. The Johnstone family made an undeniable impression on the sailing community with another 9,500 J/Boats ranging from the J/22 to the J/65. The second generation has been at the helm since 1988 with Jeff Johnstone President and Alan Johnstone VP and Designer. Their slogan “Sailing for life in better sailboats” reflects the needs of performance sailors for more comfortable, simpler and easier-to-own sailboats that stand up to being raced regularly in all conditions.

The quality of J/Boats is acknowledged globally and reflected first and foremost in J/Boats holding their value. Because of their popularity, there is always a buyer somewhere looking for your boat! Current models include the J/70 one design (1700 plus boats on the water), the J/80 one design (30 fleets in 12 countries), the J/9 (the most comfortable cockpit ever), the J/99 (fast fun offshore speedster), the J/111 (international offshore one-design), the J/112E (IRC/ORC world champion and family sport cruiser), as well as the newest offshore performance yacht, the J/45.

Jeff Johnstone: “We’re very excited to have Bart and his team at Asia Yacht Services represent J/Boats in Hong Kong. Their extensive sailing experience, genuine enthusiasm for the sport, and commitment to customer care and sailing fun are a perfect compliment to our long-term mission.”

Bart Kimman, Founder-Director of AYS comments: Owning and racing a J/24 in the 70’s (H1 “Emperor of the Swamp”) became an everlasting memory of fun and exciting one design racing where the team makes the difference. It also created a soft spot for the J/Boat culture that developed since. I am very proud to be involved in helping to grow the J/Boat fleet and I started by buying a J/70!

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