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Seawind 1370 - Production Update - Launch Day

On March 1 Bart and Sytske Kimman visited the Seawind factory near Ho Chi Min city to inspect the first completed Seawind 1370 launching tomorrow.

This construction of this boat has been subject of the Ruby Rose videos on You Tube.

“We found this boat above our expectations and representative of the Seawind slogan to keep it simple but beautiful! She is a very practical boat suitable for long voyages by a small crew.”

Sea trials will be next and we will report on them soon or better follow Ruby Rose on You Tube! This is hull no 1, with the next 5 boats to follow soon. Seawind expect to produce 1 boat per month.

A big milestone to achieve for everyone involved and we are delighted with how everything went on “splash day”. Congratulations also to owners Randy & Denise on the launch of their boat Supernatural.

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