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The smallest yacht of Grand Soleil comes from a rich stream of heritage with over 300 hulls produced since her launch in the 1970s.

The concept is still the same, she’s “a small-big boat”, that can perform on the race course without compromising on comfort.

However, the lines now are now a lot more sleek, and new materials and production techniques have resulted in a more spacious luxurious feeling two cabin racer/cruiser that exudes Italian flare.

GS 34, the legend's return

The mythical Grand Soleil 34 is a true legend: designed by Finot in the 1970s, has remained in production until the 1980's, with over 300 hulls made. Today, past and future meet in this restyling, based on the same concept as a small-big boat. Forms are more modern, enhance performance and spaces, without sacrificing comfort and quality materials. The new nautical icon Made in Italy.



The interior layout is divided in two cabins; a large portside aft cabin and an owner cabin in the bow that can be transformed into a sail locker during race. Astern, on the starboard side there’s a very spacey and high head and behind a wide storage cabin.

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