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5 Reasons Why the Corsair 880 Won Cruising World’s Boat Of The Year 2021

Cruising World has named the Corsair 880 Sports Boat Of The Year in the 2021 Boat of the Year competition! What an amazing achievement and positive encouragement to our entire Corsair team. A countless number of hours have gone into the design and development of this project and we are so grateful to receive this affirmative feedback confirming the positive impact of all of our hard work.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why the Corsair 880 stands out in the busy market of sports sailing boats:

1. Built For All Adventures

Refreshingly modern yet simple interior design compliments the sporty nature of this speed machine. Careful attention has been paid to every detail of the boat to commit to cruising comfort that cruising sailors wish to experience without compromising on performance. The main hull is built to make sure it can deliver the mission of comfortable sailing adventures with full standing headroom. Moreover, the saloon area gives you enough space such as for reading, dining and relaxing. For instance, the galley offers a considerable space for cooking and meal preparation, a compact fridge and stove which should be more than enough for this sporty cruiser.

2. Extraordinary speed

Corsair Trimarans are well known for their ability to “fly” in the wind by generating their own high-power apparent wind. Without a lead keel to create drag, and with tangible buoyancy in design, construction technique and materials, Corsairs trimarans in general and the 880 especially are powered effortlessly by their high-performance design. Like most Corsairs, the Corsair 880 will easily surpass 20 knots.

3. Comfortable stability

Sailing the 880 at any speed and in almost all sea conditions, you will find the wide unfolded beam and huge buoyancy of these wave piercing floats a blessing. No more so is this noticable than when powered up on a reach as you watch those impressive amas “punch” through oncoming swell. The 880 design and construction applied the same traditional Corsair features that make them sail flat and fast, paired with the latest in hydrodynamics and CFD hull form design. All of this provides a supreme sense of security when sailing this rocket in even the worst of conditions, but add to this, the knowledge that a Corsair trimaran cant sink, allows you to sleep peacefully, even when scooting along at over 15kts. In fact, even with with the hulls and all buoyancy compartments filled to the brim with water, the positive buoyancy of the materials of construction keep the vessel afloat even with all crew aboard.

4. Trailerability

The 880 is real cruising boat, yet trailerable across continents. Corsair is famous for the excellent trailering characteristics our trimarans offer, and this same ability proves true for the Corsair 880. Especially since she only takes a single handed sailor about 60 minutes to go from trailer to sailor and back again after a couple of practice runs. Corsairs fold up and extend effortlessly, the mast comes down in moments, the boats towed and trailered easily and smoothly which offers significant cost savings when compared to marina and on water maintenance fees.

5. Light Weight

Weight saving is one of considerable elements that Corsair takes very seriously in all of our designs. Exhaustive research has been put into the design of the 880 to eliminate unneeded weight, which itself makes the boat safer on the water as well as safer on the road through reduced braking distance and lower loads. A fully optioned Corsair 880 weights roughly 4410 pounds (2,000 kgs) ready to sail.

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