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Two Grand Soleil world premieres in Cannes

Grand Soleil Yachts have presented two world premieres at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022. For over six spectacular days, the visitors had the opportunity to admire the Grand Soleil family first-hand in the waters of Port Canto; in particular, two world premieres, namely the Grand Soleil 72 Performance and the Grand Soleil 40 Performance. In addition to these, the highly acclaimed Grand Soleil 44, ORC Class B world champion for the second year running, was also on display.

Grand Soleil 72 Performance is the result of a totally Made in Italy design process, with a team of professionals representing Italian excellence in the nautical sector. The team was guided by the goal of creating a boat with an avowedly Italian aesthetic, elegant and modern design, and high comfort ergonomics both on deck and inside. It is a unique project, created in collaboration with Franco Corazza, Matteo Polli, Nauta Design and Marco Lostuzzi, all great names in Italian sailing recognized internationally for outstanding projects.

With the Grand Soleil 72, the yard has proved unprecedented meticulousness in every part of the boat and every single component. Among the most distinctive and cutting-edge technical features are the composite bulkheads for the interior, which are weighed one by one, specifically defining the thickness of each to optimize strength, lightness and performance. Moreover, the hull shapes of the new GS 72 are characterized by a pronounced V at the bow, with an important dynamic length which, thanks to the sloping and low wetted surface area, allows the stern to be slackened for a reduction in friction of the live-aboard when sailing. This guarantees greater dynamic speed and excellent stability when the boat is heeled, resulting not only in greater performance in light wind conditions, typical of the Mediterranean area, but also in excellent ease and safety when sailing.

Grand Soleil 40 Performance, on the other hand, has all the credentials to replicate the great success of the GS 44, winner of the last ORC World Championship, while maintaining the family feeling of the range between style, elegance, ergonomics and safety. It is a fast and responsive boat with a substantial sporty personality in performance. The hull lines and naval architecture of the GS 40 maintain its strong vocation for performance, without sacrificing volume for the benefit of space and comfort on board.

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