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Simply put the J/99 is the dream boat of any sailor.

Completely hassle free, the J99 easy to rig, sail and maintain, she can also be shipped peacefully around the world fitting in a 40ft container and making it available for any regatta of the world.

Easy also to sell when the time comes. J/Boats generally hold their value very well as expected with strong fleet numbers, professionally managed international class associations & highly durable build quality.

With competitive Pricing: EU 130,000 standard boat ex France and customisable packages available for group orders the J99 has unrivalled success with over 100 boats sold worldwide and scheduled production of 60 units per annum.


LOA 9.94 LWL 8.72 Beam 3.4 Standard Draft 1.99 Displacement 3,800 Ballast 1,520

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