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Group Island Spirit is pleased to announce the new Island Spirit 525. The IS525 has been developed through multiple partnerships to match customer requirements to the ideal vessel design based on years of experience in the charter industry. Island Spirit is a unique builder as we also operate a large charter fleet.

We took our initial design concepts for the IS525 and shared that with several charter partners to converge on the final design which we will detail for you here.


  • Length Overall: 15.77m (51.73ft)

  • Beam: 8.19m (26.9ft)

  • Draft: 1.54m (5.05ft)

  • Displacement: 16.50 Tons (36,376 Lbs)

  • Fuel Capacity: 1,000 Liters (264 US Gallons)

  • Water Capacity: 1,000 Liters (264 US Gallons)

  • Mainsail Area: 122 M2 (1,313 Ft.2)

  • Jib Area: 55 M2 (592 Ft.2)

  • Sail Area: 177 M2 (1,905 Ft.2)


In the development of the IS525 a key aspect from the beginning was to be able to design the boat with the electric drive option.

The key to getting boats successfully to market with electric drive means that it needs to meet some very specific criteria: first and foremost that it is affordable, second is that it is safe and reliable and finally is that it is functionally practical.

To meet these goals Group Island Spirit partnered with major system developers in the EV industry for the development of the drive system. As we all know, fully electric vehicles are now available from every major automobile manufacturer and today there is over 400,000 EV buses in widespread use the globe.

Built and delivered by Group Island Spirit Manufacturing with over 20 years of building recreational sailing catamarans and commercial power catamarans. To find out more about the Island Spirit 525 please contact us!

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