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10 best yachting locations in the world

Everyone has a bucket list of things to do and if sailing to paradisiacal locations is on yours then you have added just the perfect thing to your list. The world is full of exotic sailing locations; some that are crowded with sailors all year round while some that are yet to be fully explored. We bring to you a carefully curated list of ten of the most exciting yachting locations in the world.

  • Fiji

Crystal clear turquoise waters teeming with an abundance of marine life and spectacular coral reefs welcome you as you reach Fiji. The islands are spread over a large part of the ocean and the ideal way to explore them is by chartering a boat. Fiji is home to beautiful beaches and lagoons, tropical rainforests, coconut plantations, and loads of underwater action. Visit the Mamanuca Islands for their scenic beauty and gorgeous beaches while the Yasawa islands will give you a peek into traditional village life.

  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This is a popular spot for tourists and sailors alike. The islands have a lot to offer; exotic wildlife, stunning aquatic life, and spellbinding scenery. You can easily spot sea lions, giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, and the famous aquatic iguanas. If you are a daredevil of sorts then the water sports arena here is going to get you excited. Snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and paddle boarding are just a few of the adventure sports options here.

  • The Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Not many would keep the Whitsunday islands on their itinerary list for Australia but if you are a sailor you would never leave it out. The Great Barrier Reef and The Outback may have their fans but for the sailors of the world, Whitsunday Islands is easily Australia’s water paradise. They are located off the coast of Queensland along the Great Barrier Reef and are full of spectacular beaches and waters that have an unmatched shade of blue.

  • Thailand

Thailand gives you a sensational yachting experience on the waters and a lively nightlife on land with its sensational pubs and bars. For coves and bays, flora and fauna, there is Phuket. Every island here has amazing scenery to offer and let’s not forget about the delightful Thai cuisine especially the seafood. Thailand is also known for its water sports that are supported by the warm waters here.

  • Croatia

Croatia is a hidden gem of the Mediterranean and can you explore the different facets of this amazing country very well on a yacht. West and South Istria are known for their wine and dine culture while the rugged and mostly uninhabited Dalmatian Islands offer the best waters for sailing. The beaches here are pristine and the villages are a mirror into the rich historical past of the country.

  • Turkey

Over 8,300 kilometers of coastline dotted with coves, bays, marinas, and beaches make Turkey one of the best yachting locations in the world. The water here is clear, the winds are mild and the secluded anchorages offer good docking locations for your boat. You will find the best climate on the Ionian Coast and mountainous shores on West Lycian Coast. Carian Coast is the most popular sailing coast while the East Lycian Coast is known for its rock tombs.

  • Greece

Sail over to Greece for some good food, amazing nightlife, and scenery that will make you drop anchor here for as long as you can. This group of 3000 islands has so much to offer as you can sail down to Santorini for the gorgeous sunsets that make the whitewashed houses in the hillside towns look like a picture of serenity, Crete for lip-smacking Greek food and Mykonos for amazing nightlife.

  • New Zealand

The Bay of Islands in New Zealand is the ideal spot for kayaking and fishing. The country is big on sailing culture because of its vast coastline. While on your boat, you can spot a host of sea life like whales, dolphins, and penguins. If you are looking for some adventurous land time you can go ashore any of the 144 islands for a hike.

  • Tahiti

Tahiti in French Polynesia is known for its clear and warm waters that are home to many creatures of the waters. Some of the beaches are yet to be explored fully and they can only be accessed by a boat. The surrounding islands of Huahine, Bora Bora, and Moorea are worth a visit too if you charter your own boat.

  • British Virgin Island

The whole of the Caribbean is a sailor’s dream but the British Virgin Islands give you a perfect mix of adventure and fun. Some of the Caribbean’s best beaches, most of which are in hidden coves can be found here. You can simply enjoy these beaches or spend your day snorkeling or diving in the clear waters. Pack your bags and hoist those sails for the waters at all these drop-dead gorgeous locales are beckoning all-mighty sailors to spend some time on their waves!

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