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And this is what you should do when yachting in Hong Kong?

Yachting in Hong Kong is best enjoyed during summers when you are not bogged down by unusually strong gusts of wind and torrential rains dampening your yachts along with your spirit. It is the official sailing season here and this means that you might find yourself steering the yachts amidst fellow sailors, especially around the beaches of Sai Kung but that has its own charm. The island of Hong Kong has so many mesmerizing locales that no matter where you go, you would find yourself looking at breath taking vistas. Let’s tell you what all must you do when yachting in Hong King so that you come back from these waters soaked with beautiful memories.

The romantic getaway.

Watching a sunset is romantic but watching it with your partner from the deck of your yachts while the two of you share a drink, takes the romance several notches higher. As the sunlight fades away at Victoria Harbor and you see the Hong Kong Skyline illuminated with the lights of the city you feel yourself getting filled with a sense of calm. The night sky will also give you the chance to see the fireworks from Hong Kong Disneyland. If you are looking for a romantic time with your partner, Kowloon is also a good choice.

For the beach lovers

The sunset is indeed one of the most beautiful parts of this island but that is not all that is to Lantau. You can visit the beautiful Cheung Sha Beach, which is one of Hong Kong’s longest beaches, to do some stargazing under the glowing evening sky on your yacht. The Silvermine Bay beach is a kid friendly beach and doesn’t get large tourist crowd, keeping the surroundings tranquil. Tai Long Wan is the wild child of Hong Kong with the South China Sea swelling up in large waves of clear turquoise blue water. The beach is located in the East Coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula. Big Wave Bay is a large bay that has white sand beaches interspersed with rugged headlands and high peaks surrounded with fields giving it a picture perfect backdrop. Another gem of Hong Kong is the Long Ke Beach which is a quintessential Sai Kung beach with its white sand clear waters against the backdrop of luscious green hills on all sides.

For the fun of sailing

The best part about yachting in Hong Kong is that you sail down to so many places at your convenience, like the Grand Geo Park. While you sail down to the park you will witness beautiful beaches, panoramic views of the harbor, the magnificent Hong Kong skyline, and locals enjoying delectable local food at the waterside cafes.

Hong Kong Cuisine

You must try the food at Lamma Island or Po Toi. Their seafood cuisine is famous all over Hong Kong and you if wish to sample some authentic local cuisine, these are the places to drop by. The rocky island of Po Toi is known for its local fish farms and fleets of sampans (small local fishing yachts). Once there, take some time out to visit the Tin Hau temple and see the historic carvings and impressive rock formations. At Lamma Islands you will be able to witness a harmonious blend of the Chinese and western culture. Yung Shue Wan is where you will find multiple restaurants, boutique cafes and small grocery stores that are so tastefully decorated that they are a pleasant sight to watch.

When you charter a yacht in Hong Kong your trip will not be complete without sailing down to Sai Kung which has been inhabited by fishermen since the 14th Century. It has now transformed into a suburban village well-known for its seafood restaurants, boutique shops and cafes that will impress you with their interesting fusion of European and Asian cultures.

Beauty in simplicity

The fishing villages of Tai O and Cheung Chau will give you a glimpse into the simple life of the village folk and that of the local fishermen. Rustic stilted huts built by the Lanta people in Tai O have been on the tidal waves of the Lantau Island for centuries. Cheung Chau is located in between Lamma and Lantau Island and is small fishing hamlet with a relaxed lifestyle. Tung Wan Beach and Kwun Yam Wan Beach in Cheung Chau are some of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong, with their sparkling water, fine sand and tropical plantations.

Adrenaline thumping

If you love fishing, you must head to the Kau Sai Fish Farm which has 30,000 sqft of water full of vast variety of fishes. At Sai Kung you can do some paddle boarding and kayaking, for windsurfing the best bet is Stanley Beach and for experiencing Cheung Chau Island in the night light as you kayak away under the night sky along the coast.

A yacht holiday in Hong Kong can be as diverse and fun-filled as you want. You time-off from the blue waters will take you to explore the attractions on land and when steering you can feast on the scenic beauty and relish a digital detox.

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