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A luxury yacht charter is what must be on every travel bucket list

Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine yourself sitting on a chair, on the deck of yacht that is swaying ever so slightly. There is a beautiful sunset in front of you flanked by a gorgeous landscape. You are enjoying this sunset with your partner as you sip on champagne and wait for your fresh catch of fish to be cooked right there, on the yacht itself. Now, how good is that? All this and much more is what comes in the blissful package of memories you create when you charter a luxury yacht.

The scenic beauty

Going on a luxury yacht doesn’t just give you the chance to witness the beauty of the water but all the gorgeousness that the land around it has to offer. You can explore the town or city on the shore wherever you drop anchor and then come back to relax on the boat. While you are on the yacht, another sight that will enthrall you is the aquatic life of the waters. So add that to your list of good things too.

Relax and Detox

Away from humdrum of the city and the constant pings on your gadgets and smartphones, you can enjoy a peaceful time, moored to the quay, watching the town folk strolling on the beaches as the crew prepares a sumptuous feast for you. All you have to do is breathe in the fresh air that cleanses your body as the breathtaking vistas around you envelop you in a blanket of rejuvenation.

Privacy coupled with flexibility

A yacht charter gives you the privacy you would want to enjoy on your vacation and at the same time gives you the flexibility to plan your day the way you want. You can spend the day fishing for salmon, sightseeing or simply lounging on the deck reading a good book and enjoying a good meal prepared by well-trained chefs. With a luxury yacht charter, you don’t need to stay in one location like you would if you book a hotel. On a yacht, the luxury moves with you wherever you go. So you are on an island that has an amazing nightlife one day to a secluded fisherman village on the other. You can easily do destination hopping too without having to pack your bags every time you do so.

Personalize everything

From your view of the landscape to the food that you eat every day, you can personalize everything. Staying on land in a luxury hotel would entail that you will have to pay a premium rate for an ocean view room and that view will stay the same every day. When you charter a yacht, you wake up to one view and sleep to another. You can pick destinations that offer great sightseeing options or pick ones that are known for adventure sports. If shopping for native handicrafts in a Vietnamese village is what excites you that freedom comes with yachting. You can sail away to the villages and spend your day simply shopping and sharing a cup of tea with the natives. Your gourmet choices can be different every day too without any extra costs. There is a completely different level of satisfaction when you feast on the fish that you have caught on the day.

Cover more destinations

Several sailing destinations across the globe are made up of a group of islands that can be explored best on a yacht. You can move from one island to another at your pace and curate your itinerary depending on your interest. If you find some dockyards expensive for anchoring your boat you can always pick a secluded spot of your choice.

Spacious stay

A luxury yacht gives you a personal space to sunbathe, to sit and relax with family and friends on the deck, and to enjoy your food and wine. The living quarters, saloon, deck and the flybridge all combined give you a large space to have a relaxing vacation. If you are sailing with kids, they will also find the yacht spacious enough for all their games.

Water sports

Be it snorkeling or scuba diving, you can do it easily from the yacht itself. There is enough space to store your gear on the boat. A lot of yachts now come equipped with sportfishing boats that let you fish without going to the shore. You can do scuba diving at locations that are lesser-known and can be accessed by a yacht easily.

It’s for everyone

A luxury yacht charter isn’t something for the rich and famous only. With many yacht charter options available today, you can easily book one without breaking a bank. Your itinerary will be planned according to your preferences and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

When you charter a yacht, you not only create your special moments of fun but you take them everywhere with you as you sail with the winds. So make you keep one in your travel bucket list.

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