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J/Boats Is The #1 Performance Brand

Proof is in the participation. J/Boat owners, in bigger numbers than ever, are turning out to enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of competition. And strange as it may seem, J’s are not just race boats, J’s are out sailing all the time. They are used for a broad range of activities including harbor sails, weekend coastal cruises and long-distance passage-making. Commitment to the sport is easier when you own a boat that appeals to all ages, young and old.

Greater participation is also explained by good stability and efficient rig/deck layouts that make it easy for one or two people to go sailing on a moment’s notice…. achieving near peak performance with little effort and a light touch on the helm.

There are more active J’s around because J’s are better built and last longer. J/Boats don’t seem to lose their competitive edge. Older boats are a wonderful buy, becoming a low-cost entry vehicle for those wanting to play the game.

J/Boats popularized the use of asymmetric spinnakers, retractable carbon bowsprits and carbon masts, transforming the face of sailing to capture the imagination of tens of thousands of sailors worldwide. Such enthusiasm is contagious and helps build fleets and event participation at regattas like those above. There are now over 15,000 J’s sailing worldwide!

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